Budapest Design Week 2013

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BUDAPEST DESIGN week 2013: Crossovers

Budapest Design Week is entering its tenth year in 2013; the jubilee festival takes place between 27th September and 6th October. The Hungarian Intellectual Property Office is the patron of the festival, its leading professional partners are the Hungarian Design Council and Design Terminal, it is organised by HIPAvilon Nonprofit Ltd.

In 2013 the festival focuses on the crossovers of contemporary design, or the intersections that design creates with architecture, fine arts, crafts or digital technologies. In recent years, contemporary design has been pushed by a range of significant external forces to redefine itself and explore new forms of expression. The economic crisis has increased the demand for cheap products, modern technologies (for example 3D printing) enable practically anyone to become a designer, while professionals these days cannot disregard new aspects like social responsibility or recycling. The economic, social and cultural changes of the past few years, as well as the transformation of the values seen in consumer societies have again pushed the technologies of craftsmanship in the limelight, which have so far been in sharp contrast with the traditional interpretation of design, the image of standardised industrial products.


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