Arabian jasmine

Arabian jasmine (Jasminum sambac)

This bushy vine or scrambling shrub has intensely fragrant little white flowers that bloom year-round in warmer climates. The flowers open at night and close in the morning, fading to pink as they age. Widely grown throughout the tropics as an ornamental plant and for its strongly scented flowers. It is the national flower of the Philippines, where it is known as sampaguita. It is also one of the three national flowers of Indonesia, where it is known as melati putih. n Hawaii, the flower is known as pikake, and are used to make fragrant leis. It is also the most important flower in wedding ceremonies for ethnic Indonesians, especially in the island of Java. It is widely cultivated for its attractive and sweetly fragrant flowers. The flowers are also used for perfumes and for making tea. The tiny white blossoms of Arabian Jasmine extremely fragrant. Traditionally woven into the hair or as a garland around the neck, it's penetrating aroma is a symbol of innocence and purity. Its fragrance has rejuvenating, boosting and energizing properties, which makes it a natural mind-blowing fragrance. Jasmine essential oil is the natural oil with the most delicate, rich and very beautiful sweet floral aroma, making it a valuable ingredient for many cosmetic products. Jasmine is one of the oldest known and most widely-used botanical scents. Jasmine flowers are utilized for scores of purposes — in aromatherapy, for tranquillizing, for bathing, in cosmetics and many more. The uses of jasmine essential oil are endless.