Cedar (Cedrus atlantica)

The Atlas Cedar tree is native to the Atlas Mountains of Morocco and Algeria in Northern Africa. The ancient Egyptians were believed to have used various parts of the tree for cosmetic and medicinal purposes. Atlas Cedar has a warm, woody aroma and is used in aromatherapy to calm and soothe away nervous tension. This popular essential oil has a more balsamic aroma than classic Cedarwood oil, which is a sweeter-smelling oil. The cedarwood is a broad, evergreen, pyramid-shaped tree with wide-spreading branches and has a warm, long-lasting, dry spicy-wood aroma. The atlas cedar trees are mostly grown for the production of essential oil, which is obtained through steam distillation. Atlas cedar is used for its aroma and fixative powers in soaps and perfumes. It blends well with woody, floral fragrances. Aromatherapy benefits: stabilizing, centering, strengthening. It generates a calm, meditative state of brain, and has the capability to relieve nervous tension, anger, and stress. When utilized in a diffuser, Atlas cedar oil can set a calm, quiet atmosphere, excellent for relaxing, meditating, and reflecting. However, its powers aren't limited to the nervous system; Atlas cedar oil also performs wonders on breathing and immune systems, and is excellent for skin. Cedarwood is known for use in problem skin, as an insect repellent, and as an inhalent in respiratory complaints. It's actions are sedative, astringent, and antiseptic. It can be used to treat oily skin and scalp, relieve itching, and more serious skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema, remembering that high concentrations will irritate the skin. Cedarwood is similar in action to the highly expensive sandalwood, it also has a sedative effect making it grounding in conditions of anxiety and nervous tension.