Galbanum (Ferula erubescens)

Galbanum is a gum resin obtained from a large perennial herb that contains resin ducts. The resin is collected by making incisions at the base of the plant. Galbanum resin often has plant particles, stems and twigs in it. It has a very strong green, turpentine scent. Again it is used mainly as a fixative. Galbanum has long been valued for it's wonderfully complex green, spicy, woody, balsam like fragrance. It is discharged from the roots and lower trunk of this small wild plant. It has a very long history of using as incense. It is mentioned in the Holy Bible as a significant component of Holy incense. It is only made to worship the lord and it was believe to be free from evil. It was not allowed to make such incense just for pleasure. This plant belongs to the group of aromatic plant. Galbanum produces brown and reddish fruit. This resin is generally softer than most other resins. Galbanum is native to Persia, West Asia and Middle East countries. In the past, it was exported to countries like Egypt, India, China and Israel. Nowadays, Turkey and Iran are two major sources of all Galbanum. It is also cultivated in Lebanon and Afghanistan. There is concern that soon this plant is going to be an endangered species. People are using the Galbanum essential oil since the ancient times as it has a lot of therapeutic properties. The resin is extracted from the bark of the tree by making tiny incisions near the base of the plant. The resin droplets are distilled into essential oil, which is light yellow in color. Levant galbanum is a suitable species for extracting oil as it delivers considerably resin compared to other species that are quite hard. Galbanum oil has a powerful rich green, complex, fresh, spicy, woody and earthy fragrance. It is a very important scent for certain psychosomatic problems such as panic attacks caused by stress. It is said to be anti-infectious, anti-spasmodic and is often used in sport remedies for muscular pain. It is greatly appreciated and used in fine perfumery as it gives a natural scent of ‘greeness’ to a fragrance and will also be a fixative for the other scents. When blended with other scents, Galbanum adds a touch of leafy outdoor to the overall fragrance. It is widely used in perfume industry. The essential oil is also used in making lotions, soaps and scents.